Horse Boots - Equessential Ice Boots Magnetic Horse Therapy
Horse Boots - Equessential Ice Boots Magnetic Horse Therapy
Horse Boots - Equessential Ice Boots Magnetic Horse Therapy

Magnetic Bell Boots

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Bell Boots designed to increase blood flow specifically through the coronet band and hoof wall.

Ideal for laminitis, poor hoof growth and assists with healing of cracks.

Treatment time is best between 12 - 14 hours (overnight)

Not just increasing cellular function and health on the legs where your boots are placed, the Equessential Therapeutic Magnetic Boots are equipped with the strongest therapeutic magnets on the market, which provide a healthier overall cellular function, providing a natural therapeutic support system by targeting specific reflexology points, as a result, cellular function is increased throughout the entire body.

Equessential magnetic therapy boots are designed to provide superior support to the suspensory ligaments and tendon apparatus. During transportation or the need for a horse to be standing for long periods of time (ie. stable), the boots will assist in  increasing blood and cellular flow leading to an increase in your horses well being and a decrease in post-work or post-travel swelling and discomfort.

Magnetic therapy will provide your horse with an increased level of overall good health. Some specific conditions which magnetic therapy is especially beneficial for include the following:

  • soft tissue injuries: tendonitis, bowed tendons, chronic tension, muscular strains, sprains, general stiffness and bruising.
  • muscle, tendon & cartilage injuries
  • ligament inflammations
  • bone conditions: arthritis, shin splints
  • osteoporosis
  • circulatory problems
  • hoof conditions: navicular disease, laminitis, poor hoof growth
  • travel sickness or leg odeama