Buying Guide for Magnetic Boots


How Effective & Easy are our Magnetic Boots to Use?

Equessential has now made it easy for you to provide effective magnetic therapy for your equine athlete. 

Equessential Magnetic Therapy Boots are 100% Australian made from a tough rip-stop nylon outer and lined with 100% Australian pure wool fleece which allows the legs to 'breath' keeping the skin dry and healthy. Wide elastic straps are carefully positioned to optimise tendon support and ensure comfort and fit.

The permanent rare earth therapeutic magnets we use are composed of a highly magnetic alloy of Neodymium, Iron and Boron with a Nickel coating, never needing to be re-charged, will not rust and are capable of exerting a magnetic flux density of 3,000 Gauss per magnet. We use the strongest therapeutic magnets available.

The specific arrangement of magnets in our boots has been researched to coincide with major reflexology points, their flux, density, intensity and polarisation has been studied with the help of veterinarians, natural therapists and professional riders to maximise the increase in vascular blood-flow and lymphatic circulation, and promoting multiple beneficial effects on the horses overall health.

Due to placement of the magnets in Equessential boots, your front boots will create a circular flow up the front legs, over the shoulders and in a circular motion right through the front hooves. Your hind boots will circulate blood flow up through the hocks, across the rump and back around through the hind hooves. If you have all four legs fitted with Equessential magnetic boots, a cross flow action will take place from front to hind, creating a full body circulative affect…no need for magnetic rugs, four Equessential magnetic boots will have the same effect. Equessential offer a discount for clients wanting to take advantage of purchasing a full set of magnetic boots.

Size Does Matter!

The Equessential magnetic boots (depending on size) have between 6 and 10 magnets per boot. We use 3,000 gauss Rare Earth magnets (also known as Neodymium magnets) which are 5 to 7 times stronger than normal Ferrite or strip magnets and offer the most effect and value for money. They provide high energy, maximum efficiency and extreme stability when exposed to other electromagnetic fields. For this reason, they are commonly used in engineering, electronics and medical fields.

Rare Earth Magnets are the most advanced therapeutic magnet with superior performance and are the logical choice when extra strength in a reduced size is important.

A renowned Australian equine vet, Dr John Konke says, “if the magnetic boots you are using don’t stick to the fridge, what hope do they have of being effective in a therapeutic horse boot; high strength magnets create high end results”

- Ours Do - Why not try yours today -

Positively Amazing!

Magnetic therapy is believed to positively effect ion exchange and regulation within the body cells, which aids in their ability to return to their normal resting potential and assisting in rehabilitation. To put it more into perspective, every cell in a horse’s body (and our own) maintains a resting electrical potential which is regulated by the cell’s membrane. When your horse is injured or suffering certain adverse ailments, the cell membrane is altered which can then result in pain and inflammation. By using therpeutic magnets, the blood vessels dilate, allowing more blood flow to the area to aid in the healing process.

Using reflexology principles, magnet placement in the Equessential boots has been carefully established to stimulate the vital reflex points. Each magnet is placed over specific meridians of health for the horse, the same points which are used for acupuncture. By targeting these reflex points certain re-balancing effects can be observed. Specific reflex points are located on front and hind, as well right and left legs which is why Equessential Magnetic Therapeutic Boots are specific to each leg.

Here's are some of the positive effects magnetic therapy will offer your horse:

- anti-inflammatory

- increase of micro-circulation in cartilage and bone

- acceleration of lactic acid absorption

- acceleration of eliminating toxins

- acceleration of cellular processes

Magnetic therapy can also be used as an injury preventative by using Equessential magnetic boots up to an hour before exercise. By increasing elasticity and blood flow to muscles, the chances of injury due to insufficient warm up are greatly decreased.

Naturally Good for Your Horse

Magnets have been around for thousands of years. In recent times the equestrian industry has realised the huge benefits magnetic therapy can offer horses. As a drug-free, non-invasive therapy it is a fantastic method, that even the world’s top riders now use on their very best horses. In situations that would normally require pharmaceuticals or hot or cold treatment, magnetic therapy steps in to assist in restoring your horse to its peak performance, reduces recovery time and helps to relieve tired, aching joints and muscles. As well as helping with injuries, magnetic therapy can also be used to assist in the maintenance of your horse’s top performance.

Not just increasing cellular function and health on the legs where your boots are placed...Equessential Therapeutic Magnetic Boots provide a healthier overall cellular function, and a natural therapeutic support system not only through the hoof, shin and knee, but by reflexology points being targeted, cellular function is increased throughout the whole body. They are designed to provide superior support to the suspensory ligaments and tendon apparatus and during transportation of the horse to increase blood and cellular flow leading to an increase in well-being and a decrease in post-work or post-travel swelling and discomfort.

Old Pain Vs. New Pain

During the normal course of ours and our horse’s lives, two types of pain tend to disrupt our performance. There is the “new” pain that results from an overuse injury, sprain, strain and injuries resulting from impact. The “old” pain that seems to become part of our lives, preventing us from the normal joys of living is the other prominent type of pain.

There are many products available to the consumer or equine owner without a doctor or vets’ prescription for the treatment pain. Sprained tendons, muscular strain, bumps, bruises as well as the aches and pains which seem more common as one ages are traditionally treated in various ways but with one common goal – to increase blood circulation to the affected area.

The rationale being that the blood is the nutrient source our tissues require in order to rebuild themselves. Raising the concentration of these vital nutrients accelerates the healing process by providing an increase in the basic building blocks needed to rebuild. At the same time, increasing the amount of blood flowing through an area will simultaneously allow the waste products of the damaged tissues to be washed out of the area at an accelerated rate.

When we choose to apply an electric heating pad, liniment or electric stimulation, as the warmth increases, we tend to feel less pain and more mobility. This perception is not due to the temperature, it is due to the increased blood brought to the area to diminish the effects of the high temperature. As the tissue is heated, the body acts to dissipate this extra heat using its own thermoregulatory system – the blood. There are many drawbacks and overt dangers to using these types of modalities to increase local blood flow. For example, electric heating pads have caused thermal injuries as have electric and ultrasound stimulation. Liniments and balms often have offending odours, and recurring costs and may cause skin sensitivity reactions in predisposed individuals.

Magnetic fields offer the possibility of creating an increase in local blood flow that is consistently better tolerated over extended periods of time, more than any other method. There is no potential for thermal, chemical or electrical injury when using permanently charged magnets to increase flow. The Equessential magnetic boots are simply placed securely around your horse’s legs, reducing pain and discomfort due to musculoskeletal injuries as well as common aches and pains.

Will My Horse Benefit from Magnetic Therapy?


The simple answer yes, however, there are some specific conditions which magnetic therapy is especially beneficial for including the following:

- soft tissue injuries: tendonitis, bowed tendons, chronic tension, muscular strains, sprains, general stiffness and bruising.

- muscle, tendon & cartilage injuries.

- ligament inflammations

- bone conditions: arthritis, shin soreness & bone spurs

- osteoporosis, arthritis & ringbone

- circulatory problems

- hoof conditions: including navicular disease, laminitis and poor hoof growth

How does magnetic therapy actually work?

Does your horse suffer from one of the above or are you just looking for something to relieve and relax them after a particularly strenuous workout? Equessential Magnetic Boots are a great product to keep your horse feeling and performing well.

Perhaps injury prevention is on the top of your list? If so, keep reading!

To understand how magnetic therapy works, we need to take a brief look at the aim of injury treatments. With most injuries, the biggest aim is to enhance the healing process by increasing the circulation of blood to the injured area to allow for quick healing. By improving the cellular function, the injured area is able to heal quicker and return to its normal condition. Often treatment involves anti-inflammatory drugs to trigger this response, however magnetic therapy offers a natural, non-invasive way of offering a similar treatment.

It was found, in various tests with the help of veterinarians and professional riders, that the use of Equessential magnetic boots, where the magnets are placed near the muscle-tendon apparatus and over specific reflexology points, greatly decreased the limbs fatigue as it induced an increase in vascular blood-flow and lymphatic-circulation, with multiple beneficial effects. The benefits induced by increased vascular blood-flow and by the magnetic polarization, ascertainable on the horses observed, were anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, bones and joint articulation strengthening, as well as an acceleration of the process of toxin expulsion and of absorption of the muscles lactic-acid. These benefits lead to the improvement of movements and overall ability to perform at peak levels. 

Pre and Post Exercise or Travelling

Every horse can benefit from Magnetic Therapy. You can use the Equessential magnetic boots as part of your daily routine. They can be used up to 60 minutes prior to exercise as a pre warmup. Our magnetic boots are best used used overnight for 12 – 14 hours.

Travelling your horse in the Equessential magnetic boots will help to relieve any tension or leg filling they may have developed during the journey. On arrival, your horse will have benefited from the continual action of the magnetic flow to increase blood distribution throughout the body.

How Do the Front Magnetic Boots Benefit My Horse?

Magnet placement and targeted reflex points in the Front Boots may assist in the following ways

* reduced inflammatory processes and reduced traumas or muscle spasms through the front legs, neck and shoulders

* alleviation of sore, inflamed and overworked muscles through the front legs, neck and shoulders

* increased blood circulation and flushing of lactic acid build up through the front legs, neck and shoulders

* stimulation of the front fetlock joint and hoof

* Assists with the formation of healthy synovial fluid which allows for increased mobility and performance of joints.

How Do the Hind Magnetic Boots Benefit My Horse?

Magnet placement and targeted reflex points in the Hind Boots may assist in the following ways

* reduced inflammatory process and reduced traumas or muscles spasms through the hind legs, hocks and rump

* alleviation of sore, inflamed and overworked muscles through the hind legs, hocks and rump

* acts on the hind fetlock joint and hoof, the side muscles and on croup-high muscles

* Assists with the formation of healthy synovial fluid which allows for increased mobility and performance of joints

Why Choose a Full Set of Magnetic Boots?

By fitting a full set of Equessential Magnetic Therapy Boots (Front and Hind), you effectively are covering your horse's well being from front to back hooves, and all the areas in-between.

The magnetic flux, when all four boots are fitted with Equessential Magnetic Boots will actually pull right through the horses back and belly, increasing the benefits of magnetic therapy throughout the entire horse.

 Usage & Care Instructions

  • Gently remove as much hair & dried sweat with a non-aggressive brush.
  • Gentle hand wash in warm water, or;
  • Boots can be put in the washing machine, using wool wash and a gentle wash cycle. Hook attachments should be securely fastened to the outside of the boot. Best results are gained when the boots are washed inside out (fleece out), we also recommend you place your boots in a wash bag.
  • Dry flat in a shady area, away from any direct heat source.


We strongly recommend you obtain a professional diagnosis from your vet
before using magnetic therapy for an injury or condition.
Below is a short list of warnings for any magnetic product use:
  • DO NOT use in combination with liniments. heat creating creams or blood thinners.
  • DO NOT use if there is any sign of haemorrhaging, haematoma or open wounds.
  • DO NOT use when there is active or untreated infection the magnetic effect may contribute to the area affected.
  • DO NOT use during pregnancy (You or your horse).
  • DO NOT use in the presence of a pacemaker.
  • DO NOT use during the acute stage of injury (first 5 days)..Ice instead.
  • DO NOT use whilst during riding.
  • THESE ARE NOT medical devices.