Equessential XLarge Premium Ice Boots (Pair)



XL-Shin/Fetlock (Pair)

Reusable Ice Boots That Really Work

Freeze Equessential Ice Boots overnight and they are ready for use the next day.

No Messy Leakage

Gone are the days of messy ice cubes and labour intensive treatments.

Ice Boots That Really Contain Ice

Equessential Ice Boots contain multiple cells of pure distilled and a food grade preservative, encased in a unique, patented hi-tech nylon, (no anti-freeze gels or crystals) making them completely non-toxic.

The Cold Stays Where You Put It

Each Equessential Ice Boot contains between 36 and 90 individual ice cells depending on size and type. The unique design of each boot with their wide wrap around elastic straps and the unique crossover fetlock straps ensures movement is all but eliminated. Horses can be walked cool or floated whilst wearing Equessential Ice Boots and if there is confidence that the boot will not be chewed, horses can be left unattended and loose in the box. No Slipping, no sagging.

Maximum Contact

After careful research, Equessential Ice Boots have been shaped to follow the contours of the leg, fetlock, knee or hock, ensuring maximum coverage and contact at all times.

Sturdy Construction Using The Highest Quality Materials.

From the high quality outer and the rip-stop nylon inner, to the u.v. stabilized industrial thread, Equessential Ice Boots are made using only the best materials to ensure highest quality and maximum durability.

Treatment Options

Cold therapy is an ideal treatment for a wide range of ailments including:

  • Degenerative joint disease
  • Shin soreness
  • Strained tendons & ligaments
  • Sesamoid injuries
  • Capped hocks
  • Soft tissue injuries

Preventative Treatment

Cold therapy can be used as a preventative measure following strenuous exercise against any of the above listed ailments, in particular shin soreness and joint damage.

Length Of Treatment

There appears to be a general consensus in veterinary medicine that the optimum duration of cold therapy is 20 minutes. Always seek veterinary advice before applying any form of cold therapy.

Usage & Care Instructions

  • Best results are obtained when the inside of the Ice Boots and the leg are wet.
  • To freeze your Ice Boots, simply place the whole boot in the freezer, ensuring the nylon inner faces outwards. Alternatively, remove the cold packs and freeze separately.
  • When transporting your Ice Boots, wrap them up in themselves and place in a cooler.
  • Store either in a frozen or unfrozen state. Ensure they are totally dry before storing.
  • Gentle hand wash in warm water, do not use hot water or put in the washing machine.

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