How to measure your horse for Equessential Ice Boots

Please read the section below for detailed information on selecting the correct size Equessential Ice Boots for your horse.

It is important to choose the correct size for your horse to get the optimum benefits from your Ice Boots.

In the chart below there are circumference and height measurements.

The circumference measurement of the boot is more critical than the height because the boot must fit around the horse’s leg and overlap 2cms to 4cms to be effective.

When sizing, the height of the horse and the heaviness of the bone should be taken into account, but these should not be the only determining factors when choosing an appropriate boot for your horse.

Equessential Shin/Fetlock Ice Boots are sized in, medium, large and extra large and are designed to fit both front and hind legs.

To choose the correct size, view the chart. If you are still unsure which size to get, you should measure the circumference of your horse’s front and rear fetlocks at the widest point (see picture). Then choose the boot size that is the next bigger size than your measurement.

Example: If your horse’s front fetlock measures 33cms and the hind fetlock measures 37cms, you should choose medium Equessential Ice Boots for the front and large Equessential Ice Boots for the hind.

For other fitting questions, please call Equessential Customer Service directly on either 0413 439 940 or 0403 126 259, or e-mail any time at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How to measure your horse for Equessential Ice Boots

How to fit your horse for Equessential Ice Boots